Monday, February 27, 2006

Thick Client or Thin Client

While I'm surf the net, I found Brad Neuberg blog entry, speak about Thick Client and Thin Client architecture. He's clearly explain the difference between those two architecture. I believe, my current office project is Thin Client architecture, which its mean use a simple UI. On the other side, I feel that my office commarade project module is Thick Client architecture, which is heavy UI.

One of readers comment mention about Qooxdoo Library for Thick Client. I've check their website, and take alook at their example/demo page. Woaa Extremerly heavy UI. I dont think I wanna use this one for my project. But, Its interesting to learn it.

Other reader XFORMS, XHTML which belong to next generation of web application. He also deliver an introduction link, I should have to take alook at it and learn it little bit. Its W3C standard complient for web 2.0 application.

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