Thursday, February 23, 2006

Desperately need for DHTML Effect Library

Currently, I'm joining our company developer teams to build our internal integrated system. It will build using some of open source project, such as PHP, MySQL, AJAX, MAMBO, and so on. The biggest challange we've found is The Rich GUI Web. Yes, we dont have any skill about this, but we will take this path.

So far for The AJAX toolkit is solve through Mochikit which provide JSON as their primary data exchange format, and we realy happy about it. It's work now with our application. But Mochikit is lag of visual effect or widget. I hope their port version will be deliver as soon as posible.

We had many candidate for our DHTML Effect Library, and it hard to choose one of them, because it will need time to learn and the other limitation is our skill in javascript arena.
Here the list :
- BACKBASE Community Edition --> we had a problem with their licencing term.
-, Open RICO, Moo.fx which are base of Prototype AJAX Library --> Prototype doesnt support JSON right now.
- Yahoo UI Library provide by yahoo teams ---> just release in this week

So, while we waiting to choose the right one, we go directly by our self. We search and download available DHTML trick and try to run it on our application. We also had an idea to go get hire someone out there whos expert on javascript arena, but its hard to find around our city.

If you had any DHTML Effect Library candidate, please let me know.

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