Saturday, February 18, 2006

PyMSSQL got broken

Woa, something goes wrong on my TG installation.

It said an error message "can't commit" when I tried to execute "DBNetLib ... bla bla bla ... server does not exist ... bla bla bla ... access denied". I dont know why it happend, but I guess it happend because I just re-install my operating system last time. So, I had to go to sqlobject site, pyMSSQL site, and turbogear site. Finaly, I found something on python ADO-DB site, Its about an extention of python on Windows. So, after I installed this extention, my pyMSSQL can connected to our SQL Server Machine.

Then here comes another error message ... "can't commit" when I execute "tg-admin sql create" which are create our model class. It contains 5 classes. I dont know why, but I'll solve it somehow.

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