Saturday, February 04, 2006

Activate TG 0.9

A while back, I had a TG 0.88 installed on my machine, and then accidently I execute the intall from my TG trunk directory, and wollaa.... my TG broke down. I dont know why. Sorry, Im just a newbie on python world, so after long googling, I found that I execute TG 0.9 development source code to replace my TG 0.88.

So, in order to make my TG running again, I had to use TG 0.9, I dont mind about it, so here's the stuff that I had to execute first :

1. Install the pre-request. The RuleDispatch
easy_install -f RuleDispatch

2. go to the TG 0.9 trunk directory and run this below command
python develop

3. go to on eachside of thirdparty directory which are cherrypy and sqlobject and run this below command on each of them
python -c "import setuptools; execfile('')" develop

4. Then the lasting is install the Nose for testing purpose
easy_install nose

and wollaa.... my TG is back

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