Friday, January 13, 2006


After tried to run wiki20 demo, its time to try to connect to MS-SQL Server Database. The wiki20 demo used SQLITE db for their database backend. Its mean I have to modify the dev.conf file and change the SQLOBJECT db-URI from SQLITE configuration to MS-SQL configuration. But I remembered on my last visit to sqlobject, it seems they'd not yet support MS-SQL DB. So I take a chance to look at their website again and they said they on version 0.7, so I check my sqlobject package version, its older than the one in their website.

So, I go to dos-prompt and try to update our turbogears package with this command : "easy_install -f TurboGears", and its get all the latest package from TURBOGEARS website, such as cherrypy 2.1.1 and sqlobject 0.7. Then I had to download the pymssql, the python binding for MSSQL DB, I take the latest one, and installed onto my machine.

Then I take my dev.conf file on my project directory, and give the MSSQL DB-URI on it, and then I run "tg-admin sql create" on my dos-prompt. Woa, it says "Using database URI mssql://..." which mean I succesfully create all my object into MSSQL DB-URI.

Now, Its time to dig deep into SQLOBJECT.

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N. G. Zax said...

Hi. Could you perhaps post the dburi string that you used? I can connect to my server within python, but not from TG using the dburi.