Friday, January 06, 2006

Installed TurboGears

Hi there, This week I tried to give a look at turbogears.
I'd go to turbogears project homepage and start to took how to install the software on my Windowz machine with Python 2.4.1 engine.

Here's the step that I take :

1. download
2. go to dos-prompt and run, after it done then closed the dos-prompt.
3. after that... edit the environment variable and put ";C:\Python24;C:\Python24\Scripts" from My System Computer environtment variable edit box.
4. go to dos-prompt and go to your project directory and run easy_install -f TurboGears. It will imediatly download all the turbogears packages and install automaticaly into my windowz machine.
5. your packages should get download and install now.
6. If you wanna use the SQL Lite DB, then you have to download the python to sqlite binding. I take pysqlite. Run it and it will install on your windows machine.

Then, I download Wiki20 Demo Movies and try to run it on my machine.
So far so good. I'll see what I can do next. CU Next

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