Tuesday, September 20, 2005

TurboGear : Another Identified Python Web Framework.

For loast couple days, I watch a new python web framework come in out. It named TurboGear. This web framework based on CherryPy, combined with SQLObject ORM, Kid template engine, and Mochikit javascript library.

As you know before, theres already a new python web framework come in on a last couple months, I was Django. I had been dive in it, until now. So, What is the different between the TurboGear and Django ? The way they create the framework. Django had beed create from scracth. TurboGear is take available tools out there and combined it to work.

I dont know which one of this framework gonna be survive.
The most interesting part of TurboGear get my eyes is AJAX features.
I think I'm gonna take a look on it.


tantri said...

postingan mu kok yen tak woco, aku nya jadi mumetssss...
hiks hiksss..
gak ono sing biasa wae thoo postinganne?

Ully said...

tau ihh....ngomong apa sih ini.....:((((((((

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