Friday, May 22, 2009

Getting Bigger and Ugly

Our Application project  is big enough, and its getting bigger.
Many collegue is get an eye on our application, they can see the benefit of our integrated system and they demand us to build a system for them.
Its good since they recognize our system already.

But, when u go deep into our application source code, you will realize that our source code is getting ugly. Its not goes beauty. Every developer bring their on style of develop codes. Their tend to "ignoring" our naming standard. Its fine if you deal with 2 or 3 programmers but if you deal with more than that, than you will have a problem.

This is what we saw on our project. When I have to fix a resign developer code, I amaze by seeing the code. it was different than what we followed and it force me to learn. Not easy, but I know what its mean. I said its not readable. At the end, I have to create my own style again, and I will apply it to our future application.

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