Friday, March 17, 2006

Twisted - A Network Framework

Its on my radar.
Fuih, so many application or framework come up on my radar. Why ? Its happend for my office purpose actually. We build our integration application on PHP front end application. But we did not decided yet our back end application. I tried to found a good platform for our back end.

Zope is still my first consideration, but yes, I still have some problem to implement it. Many things come up to things. One of the main reason is ZODB. It doesnt mean I dont like it, but Zope is depend on it and it hard to remove. Some people may say, "we can build application on zope without ZODB". But I thinks its hard.

Next, is Twisted. I got attract to twisted by reading many blog post on python daily. Then letter on, someone drop me a pdf file about twisted. Its interesting. It has a flexible DBConnection, it has a many network protocol. I might gonna use one of those protocol for my application, but not decided yet which one of them.

My application it work like this : It should be work as a robot application. It will start and monitor many transaction table. It can make transaction summarize, report and calculate many background process. It should made a history log on file or DB. It can make to daemon/service.
At advance, it can provide an XML-RPC or SOAP, to retrieve document generate or xml data.
It may run every 15 minutes or End of Day process.

I think twisted is suite enough.

But recently, Zope 3.2 come up with twisted 2.1 on it. I dont know the combination between these two, but if it does, it would be a great combination tools on hand. So what should I do ?
Take pure twisted or Zope 3.2 with twisted included ? give me a light.

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