Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I take Django

Its been a while since I started take a play with django web framework. I run their tutorial and take alook how to deal with it. At the moment, I compare django with plone. I like plone and I wish to used it as my production area, but I got stuck with their SQL Storage capability.

Plone allows you to store your data on any other RDBMS like MS-SQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL and etc. But, Plone required to store your object metadata at ZODB, and it must. This is it. This is the one that I dont want, Its mean, as my RDBMS data grows, then my metadata on ZODB will grows either. I dont want it. Thats why I keep delay my application to jump to Plone.

Then, I try to find other solution. I was take look at CherryPy, Webware, Quixote, and Ruby on Rail. I do like RoR and the features they have. It was amazing compare to Webware and Quixote. I want to have a python as my chosen language, I dont want to go to RoR. Then Django came. It made an explotion on Daily Python WebLog. Then I decided to take alook on it. It should be worted to test.

Now, I have a 2 nice web framework. Plone for Protoyping and Django for production area.

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Sam said...

Any specific reason that you don't want your object metadata cached in the ZODB? You know that you can still have all your metadata in your SQL database as well, right?

The ZODB is a fantastic database, tremendously secure and reliable.