Friday, July 15, 2005

Startin' play with Zope

It's been 3 months now since I decided to install a copy of Zope 2.7 on my windows desktop.
After that, I try zope 2.x family, plone 2.0.5 and Zope X3. Its a good product which can work as a web portal, web framework, application server. Yes, not all of zope features I use it right now, but it sound promising for my next gear, at least another gear for next 5 year from now on.

Last year, I decided to left my DBA World, and decided to come to open source community. Since then I watch all the open source language such as php, perl, python, ruby, and qt. After spend some time to research on it, and support from some friends, I decided to move to php and python. Allright u may arque it, but its allready my decision. :D

Back to Zope, I made a small mistake couple days ago. I learned with my Zope X3 to looking around what he can do, and letter on, while I restarted my Desktop, suddenly my Zope X3 default homepage changed. When I installed it at the first time, all the menu is english language, and then it become german language. Geeez man, I can not read it, and I dont know how to switch it back to english language.

What I did next is, unistalled my Zope X3 and reinstall it again , but the german language still appear. What should I do man ?

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